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Are you tired of constant subscriptions, and concerned that your system will fail at some point? You can anticipate more. Do you want to know how?

There are no additional costs

The customer incurs no additional costs in order to run the Flopsar Suite application. The only thing left for you to do is prepare infrastructure. View in Proof of Concept form.

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Our implementation is not going to take a month or two. We can set up a monitoring system in just one day!

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What is Flopsar software?

Flopsar is a Fault Detection and Diagnosis software for Java systems developed by Flopsar Technology. Its main goal is to detect errors and problems in your Java systems and help to find the root cause quickly.

What is the most important thing in systems maintenance? Systems maintenance relies on making the systems highly available and responsive. This implies that we must maintain the number of outages as low as possible and the time needed to resolve any issues must be as short as possible. However, if the worst happens and the system fails, besides the fact it failed we need to know why. Knowing why is not sufficient if finding the cause can take a whole day or even longer. These are the main problems that need to be addressed.

Unlike other APM-like tools, Flopsar does not require users to predict what may go wrong in their systems. Moreover, we do not lose information about your applications’ processing by probing or collecting only some vague averages and aggregated data. Flopsar is a highly customizable and extensible product. It is framework and application servers agnostic. Flopsar has more key features that help users to maintain their systems better. Its area of application is not only limited to systems maintenance, it is also used in applications development processes successfully. Its features can be extended by using plugins, which allow users to perform extra processing at runtime, with no application source code changes.

Artificial intelligence that detects the root causes of application problems. 

The only technology capable of doing so on currently active (unfinished) operations!

The causes are divided into two categories: 

  • Fast response time 
  • Processing errors  

The system detects problems automatically and reports them as symptoms.

There is no need for any configuration with this solution.

What do you need it for?

Potential application problems are promptly reported to the maintenance team (first line of support). This enables you to respond quickly to pre-classified problems and easily direct the problem for further analysis or ignore irrelevant problems

The problem-solving methodology based on artificial intelligence (AI) methods, the “container” * approach, and the complete elimination of the need to browse hundreds of dashboards revolutionize the approach to application performance management.

* Container – providing sufficient data to the appropriate support lines in order to make a decision.

You are not required to examine hundreds of thousands of requests. You do not need to know programming or the application architecture. 

The container of the problem will do it for you. It will easily identify methods where “performance leakage” causes a long response time. 

Similarly, in the case of errors, the container will inform you of the type of error and will generate a suggestion, such as “Database is not working – turn it off.”

What do you need it for?

To analyze complex applications, you do not need to be an expert. You always know if it’s   worth it to dig deeper into potential problems with a second or third line of support.

Complete freedom in installing agents: 

  • Any environment (development, testing, and production) 
  • Any technology (application servers, microservices)
  • Any number of agents, databases, and data viewers

The license consumption occurs when the license is assigned to the application.

It can be managed freely. 

You have the option of configuring it per server, per application, or per enterprise model. Lifetime and term licenses are available.

What do you need it for?

To select the most cost-effective model for your requirements.


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