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Currently, an increasing number of businesses decide to use external resources in their projects, which is a much cheaper and more efficient way of carrying out a number of project tasks. According to current trends, outsourcing is one of the most effective modern management strategies.

Outsourcing is a modern management strategy that allows you to concentrate on the main subject of your company’s activity while the external company handles the supporting areas.

In our experience, people or teams dedicated to specific projects are frequently present throughout the project’s life cycle. It is also common practice to entrust us with the services of Technical Assistance and IT System Maintenance. The main arguments in favor of outsourcing, according to our clients, are: 

  1. cost reduction
  2. access to specialist knowledge
  3. saving both time and human resources

In practice, the scope of IT services can refer to both full service and specific items or processes. When you choose Red Logic’s IT Outsourcing, 

you gain a highly qualified team that is specialized in their field and is always available.

Red Logic personalizes its offer to the client’s specific requirements, while providing the best service quality. We provide the following types of outsourcing to our clients:


strategic business analysis

This process prepares companies to build or implement a complex IT system. Strategic business analysis is an essential component of any project, and attempts to omit it are the main cause of IT system failures.

The purpose of business analysis is to gather basic information about the planned project, such as its goals, priorities, and connections to the company’s long-term strategy. The analysis results enable the company to determine what measurable benefits it receives as a result of the implemented solutions.

strategy for development

Red Logic assists its clients in areas such as defining the client’s needs in the field of IT systems supporting company / enterprise management, determining the discrepancy between the target and current equipment, preliminary estimation of the amount of financial expenditure required for the implementation of the proposed modernization and development strategy, and determination of the recommended strategy.

  1. określenie potrzeb klienta w zakresie systemów informatycznych wspomagających zarządzanie firmą/przedsiębiorstwem
  2. określenie dysproporcji pomiędzy wyposażeniem docelowym i obecnym
  3. wstępne oszacowanie wielkości nakładów finansowych niezbędnych na realizację proponowanej strategii modernizacji i rozwoju
  4. określenie zalecanego harmonogramu realizacji strategii

projects’ audits

The audit of the IT system implementation project helps in assessing how well the proposed solution meets the project objectives and suggests possible corrective actions in the aspects of strategy, organization, and methodology. The customer benefits the most from continuous auditing since it eliminates the majority of potential risks.

The involvement of an external auditor allows for better protection of the client’s interests while working with the implementation company and assist in the resolution of any disputes between project participants.

Dedicated systems

Market-ready software is not always capable of meeting specific customer requirements. Tailor-made solutions, which are customized to the recipient’s specific needs, are an alternative to such softwares. These solutions take into account a company’s unique characteristics, such as size, location (one- or multi-branch company), business profile, and market sector in which it operates.

The undeniable benefit of such solutions is the possibility of further expansion. It is possible to expand the functionality and range of the system in the event that the client’s needs and current resources change. A single-module system, for example, that is limited to one aspect of a company’s activity, can be transformed into a multi-module system that covers the entire field of the company’s activity. When it is intended to change the functionality of the system after a certain period of operation, we recommend developing an approximate solution.

Red Logic provides comprehensive support at every stage of project implementation, from customer needs assessment and project preparation to ready-made solution implementation, training, and post-implementation service. We also provide integration services for existing and new applications, depending on the client’s initial IT resources. We migrate systems, data, and applications when we replace old applications with relatively new, more functional alternatives.

Resource outsourcing

We have a strong and experienced team of specialists, and therefore a comprehensive understanding of the market, which enables us to respond quickly and effectively to our clients’ needs.
Red Logic always chooses specialists based on their professional qualifications for each client’s order. In this model, our employees work as part of the client’s team, while

Red Logic presumes all formal employment obligations. 
The following are the advantages of this model for the customer:

  1. The ability to concentrate on the main branch of the client’s activity because we manage human resources.
  2. Reducing the possibility of hiring the wrong people. Due to proven mechanisms for selecting project employees, the risk of hiring incompetent people or people lacking the desired personal qualities is minimized.
  3. Supervision of our outsourced employees (reports, analyzes)
  4. Reduction of employee training and further professional training costs
  5. Confidentiality and security

Outsourcing projects

If you do not want to burden your staff with additional employees and do not have enough space in your location, then project outsourcing is unquestionably the best solution. The project will be commissioned for completion, and Red Logic will handle everything. You are only concerned with the course and the outcome of the commissioned project.

We offer the following project outsourcing services:

  1. software design and development
  2. system and business analysis
  3. full product testing cycle
  4. customization entails making personalized changes to standard software. -Component design and integration
  5. documentation
  6. product assistance
  7. implementation and implementation assistance
  8. technical support
  9. training sessions


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